Why Therapy?

28th July, 2010 - Posted by Myrna - No Comments

What does therapy do that your friends, family, pastor, or others can’t do for you?

Therapy can provide objectivity. Often the people who are close to you, even if they see the issues clearly, are not able to give you the feedback you need in a candid or helpful manner.

Therapy can help you see what’s going on in the hidden places in your life that you can’t seem to access on your own. It makes the unconscious conscious. Once that happens, you can decide how to proceed with the new information.

Therapy can be a safe place to say many things which you have been afraid to voice to anyone else. Sometimes these hidden thoughts keep you stuck.

Therapy can be a safe place to discuss areas of hurt or abuse that seem too hard for others to hear. Therapists are trained to “handle” those difficult or painful issues.

Therapy can be as open-ended as needed for you to heal or make the changes desired in your life. Friends sometimes weary of hearing your problems and are at a loss as to how to help you. Pastors often cannot realistically devote the time needed for the support you need for your particular recovery.

Therapy can be a place to learn some skills for communicating better and to resolve conflict. Many people do not learn these skills growing up.

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