Mental Illness as a Priority in Our Churches

15th October, 2013 - Posted by Marie Fang - No Comments

As a society, both nationally and globally, efforts are pushing for the elimination of stigma surrounding mental illness. Though there is still much progress left to be made, there is some sense of a movement in the right direction.

Somehow though the Christian church as a whole seems to have a tendency to lag behind on this movement. Sometimes we downplay the presence of mental illness in our own church communities, or often, avoid the topic altogether.

As the suicide of Matthew Warren, Rick Warren’s son, tragically points out, we cannot simply brush aside this topic in our churches. Christianity Today posted an article on this topic, and I’d like to pass it along to our community here to continue the advocacy for addressing mental illness in our churches too. I invite you to view the article by clicking here and passing along to your congregations.

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